Typical Questions

If there are any questions that aren't answered here, please feel free to Contact Us.

What is included in your bid for my painting job?
The bid which we submit will describe the scope of work to be performed. This will include what we will and will not do, a description of all materials to be used as well as an estimate of the time required to complete the job. Factors beyond our control, such as weather, material shortages, etc. will delay the completion date.

Will I have to move my furniture?
No. We will move all your furniture either into different rooms or to the center of the room(s) we're painting and cover everything with dropcloths, including the floors.

Will you patch holes and nail pops in interior walls?
Yes. Part of our service is to patch and repair minor damage (dings, holes and cracks) to surfaces which we will paint. If you want to rehang pictures, etc. in the same place, you should leave those nails in place and remove the ones you won't be using. That way your nail holes won't get covered over and you can simply hang your pictures back up when we're done.

Will you caulk cracks in exterior walls?
Yes. Using a good grade of caulk, we will fill all minor cracks and holes. If we encounter damage that requires more than just caulking, we will suggest that you have it repaired by a suitable contractor.

What is your daily painting routine?
While every day is different when painting, typically we will start by moving and covering furniture, placing dropcloths, setting up ladders and painting as appropriate. With time out for lunch we will follow this routine until the end of the day when we'll clean up everything and return our supplies and equipment to the storage area. Occasionally, depending on the complexity of your project or extended drying times, we will not be able to return furniture to its original location for a day or two. In these cases, you might want to consider having a meal or two at a restaurant or perhaps sleeping in another room.

After we leave, we encourage you to take that opportunity to check over our work. If you find any items that need correction or you have any questions about our procedures, please feel free to bring these matters to our attention the next morning.

How many people will be working on my job?
Usually the number of workers will be between one and three. This number will vary according to the nature of the work being performed that day.

What do you need me to do?
We will need access to your house during normal working hours, an interior area for the storage of paint, supplies, ladders, etc. (typically one garage bay will suffice), a source of water for cleanup purposes and access to a bathroom.

What about my breakables?
You should plan on moving and/or storing your breakables, nick-knacks, pictures on walls, etc. yourself in order to make sure than nothing happens to them.

Are you licensed?
I am not a licensed contractor. I do carry my own insurance and the policy is available to view upon request.

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